Do you want to learn Polish? Let me give you a few tips

I have been staying in Poland for a while. At the beginning I was sure that I would stay in that country merely for a few months. I came there for a university exchange and had no interest in learning Polish language. But after a while I met an awesome girl and I simply fell in love.

Surely, she knew English but her parents and many of colleagues wasn’t interested in using the foreign language. All of them kept on saying that after so long time in Poland, I should start speaking the language. I should to confess that they had a point. I couldn’t expect everybody to speak my language. I had to fight my laziness. Thus, I made a decision that I wold sign up polish course warsaw.Nonetheless, when I was looking for polish course warsaw, I found this quite difficult to make a decision. Why? Cause I found many of different courses and teachers. Sadly, it took me a while before finding the proper tutor as well as the method. I hope my brief history would be useful in your language journey.


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First of all, I went to a language school. This may have been my mistake as I didn’t ask how many people would be in a group. Therefore, I ended up in a big group. This was busy, crowded as well as uncomfortable. Not everybody had time to speak up during conversations. Unluckily, I had to quit (Check the company’s offer Po Polsku). Later on, I found a private teacher. But she was too focused on grammar. I couldn’t even say basic sentences but she wanted to explain me a difficult grammar. I didn’t like that and I wouldn’t recommend it to you neither. Focus on speaking. Even if it will be not grammatically correct. You will understand grammatical nuances in time.

Afterward, I have chosen another language class.

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That time I knew that I have to ask all details about a group as well as the teacher. As a result I had a small group. What I really like was that we attented lessons twice a week. On Mondays we was learning grammar and new words. On Thursday we had only conversation. I really liked this approach and this worked very well.
As a result of attending this polish course warsaw , I succeed to make a huge progress. After half a year I could have a great conversation with father of my partner! They were extremely impressed!