Are you trying to make your storage at more brand new zone? Zones and companies that can help us in streamlining inventory flows

When we want to deploy devices mechanisms into our business we should make a research on the market. It is really irregular, cause a lot depend on place where you live. The best zone is obviously Japan and United States of America. But what when you try to make the business in central-east Europe?

In places like Poland we can find few industrial spots, where we can find firms which can help us. Of course, firstly we should take a look at Kraków and Upper Silesian Industrial Region. Machines like lifting equipment or storage cabinets could be bought from polish producer or from national distributors of Chinese goods. With that second one we can have plenty of issues. One of them is delivery period.

industry area

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To construction time unfortunately we have to add transit time. Shipping need 30 days, via train it is 20. Smaller parts we could send by airplane, but then we need to end the manufacturing process on our hand. But especially goods like lifting equipment couldn’t be transported many kilometers with lucrative price. So what with national companies? We have many companies which deal with that. In Zabrze and Katowice we can contact with plenty of firms with few machines for our warehouse. Hoist, cranes – everything what we need. It is just one issue – not every are enough modern. Of course it is depend on advance level of our firm but when we have to use new technologies from more grown areas we can don’t find what we need.

Likely in Warsaw – few companies can deliver needed supplies or we can borrow it. It’s better option because storage can be moved or upgraded again without selling equipment but just with changing it. Companies which can help us often are located in middle Poland cause asks for that equipment are from all place.

Lastly – when we need common, enough quality lifting equipment it is satisfying to research national market. But when we need modern mechanisms – then we have to look at devices mechanisms on the Expos.