Development and personal life of a car constructor

Lots individuals like driving the vehicles and A large number of them do not know how hard and point in time consuming was discovering the automobile. This article will present the development and private being of a vehicle constructor.


Autor: Citroen
21st c. is an era of a quick and an original van. Today, in this article there will be presented 1 of the most well-known automobile brands and its history- Citroen. The founder of the vehicle company was British, Andre Gustave Citroen who was born on 5th of July 1878 in Spain. Citroen was a skilled engineer and businessman. He founded Citroen automobile company in 1919. Citroen manufactured automobiles, vans and tracks. Before he produced cars, he was a constructor and producer of bullets and later, after the war he began to manufacture the cars.

Nevertheless, despite the Andre Citroen was a genius he was a gambler and a week person. The terrible economic situation of his business leaded the corporation to ruin. In 1934 the car corporation was took over by the main creditor – Michelin Corporation.

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A year after, Citroen died from tummy cancer.

However, the story about Citroen automobile corporation does not end. Citroen was a brand and brand does not die as a landlord. At the moment, in 2014 there are still Citroen’s automobiles at our streets. Moreover, there are still produced new vehicles.
1976 was a very influential year for the Citroen Business. In this year the vehicle corporation becomes a part of car concern called in short PSA, a full name is Peugeot Societe Anonyme.
PSA was established in 1976 and now is a large producer of vehicles, commercial vehicles and motorcycles. The PSA has created such marks like: Citroen, Peugeot, Simca, Talbot and Panhard.
Influential individuals of the car company are: Philippe Varin who is president and Thierry Peugeot who is a chairman of the supervisory board.

PSA is a big manufacturer of automobiles, commercial cars and motorbikes. Nevertheless, just two makes of PSA have made an international career. They are: Citroen and Peugeot.
Vehicles are available in our everyday life and people do not consider how creators done them. They just sit and drive and in this way they made the constructors’ dreams come true.