“I want to get a real tattoo, but my mother does not allow me!” – what is the replacement for genuine tattoos?

Young people look for original means by which they could express themselves. A haircut change, wearing specific clothing or body piercing are popular here. Unlike tattoos, all these modifications are not permanent and can be changed relatively easy.


Autor: Richard Cabrera
Źródło: http://www.flickr.com
Teenagers sometimes crave for having a real, impressive tattoo. Nevertheless, the truth is that their guardians usually do not allow them for that. Well, quite rightfully. Why? The picture on the skin cannot be easily erased. It is practically always something which will be present on one’s skin for the whole life. What if after a few years it turns out it was not at all a good concept and this picture is boring, silly and even unsightly? People in their teens should not make any decisions that can have so long-lasting consequences. But in chosen shops they can obtain an alternative called fake tattoos. To place them on the skin, only a small piece of wet fabric is needed. All what has to be followed is to remove the foil, put the tattoo smooth on the skin and moisten it with a damp material. After several seconds, the paper can be put aside and the picture is done. It will stay on its place for several days. Afterwards it can be washed off with the help of baby oil or water with a mild detergent (the latter method may require some rubbing). A lot of pictures for boys and girls are available: only in black, rich-coloured or glitter.
Non-permanent tattoos are a fit alternative for teenagers.

Everyone can find a satisfying pattern here and if the preferences change, there is no problem – another tattoo can be picked. It is not unhealthy, easy to remove and parents can be at ease.