How can we gain fans so that marketing has proven effective. Several ways to show to the people

Although the public house for the typical person is not a place as important as for the average British, Czech and Portuguese, this year the count of members to the Polish premises slowly growth. This is directly conected with increased awareness of alcohol consumption and alcohol consuming manner outside the building, vice in front of the laptop. Now, Polish are a long way from European friends. As far as foreign guests sigles are even extended families, whereas Polish locals only be visited generally by people from 20 to 40 years of age.


Attendance grow up mainly when it’s the transmission of football matches. Possessing a public house in spite of strong competition, it is currently a good business idea. Amateurs of beer should be met in all corners of the country – both in large cities and small towns.

However, to geather tangible business benefits, you need to think about a reasonable location, the mood match to the local and the extensive dishes. That is why one of the big decision is at the start, take all pub owners, is the choice of business type.

The ways are many: from a local pub, the sports or type in which there are concerts or big dancefloor or the local serving visitors only local alcohol. Different thing is marketing. After picking the profile of place it must be done about it loudly. Additionally to the normal advertising (juridiske oversettelser) online and in popular newspapers, we could also locate funds in smaller, but refresher ways. An example could be taken from the US.

Typing in a Google “vinyl decals ny” we will see many ideas for innovative stickers. We could put in their local, or in other friendly places. That’s one way. Additionally to typing “vinyl decals ny” we could also look for concepts for the murals on the walls or a company to print it.

Purchase of spot in the town middle will become famous among a lot of customers. Irrespective of the kind of flat owners of public houses, all agree that the best advertisement for the spot is a comment by people who have been in that spot. Above method will influence, but just when clients will like the spot, the service and ambience.