Don’t buy chemical drinks – buy juice concentrates!

Nowadays, more and more individuals visit Poland which is situated in the heart of Europe. It is famous for its eco-friendly place and lots of apple trees which grow basically in every location, and almost each home proprietor possess the apple tree in his or her garden.


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Nevertheless, not everybody can love the delicious flavor of well oranges. Unfortunately, fruit tresses do not grow in each region. It is leading factor why, more and more travelers get apple juice concentrate when they leave Poland.

What are the primary advantages of the apple juice concentrate?
• The liquid is very well for the body; it contains 120% of daily value of vitamin C. Moreover, it has also other important components which can be located only in this type of liquid.
• It does not contain extra quantity of sugar. It indicates that the apple juice concentrate is appropriate even for ill people, especially diabetics who ought to avoid drinks with sugar.
• It is very productively – from 1 litre of apple juice concentrate, you are able to make from 5 to seven litres of delicious juice. It is the least expensive methods of preparing home made fresh and healthy juice.

The advantages are very important and they are valued by the clients from each part of the world. The polish pears and the concentrate are made use of generally in the juice production. Still, they are also appropriate to make fruit nectar, vines and other sorts of alcohols.

Apple juice

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What is more, you do not should get just fruit juice concentrate. The Polish companies promote also yummy combinations of two berries, for instance: fruit – pear, apple – berry, fruit- strawberry, apple – blackcurrant, apple – carrot and fruit- beet and more. They all are made of Polish fruits and contain plenty of vitamins.

The European Country manufacturers supply their items in convenient packaging. Here are four top boxes which are:
• Bottles – the bottles have the capacity from 0,2l to 2 l
• Bag in box – the capability of 2 l and five litres
• Container – the capability of 250 000kg
• Huge tank – the capacity of 1000 litres