The excellent and negative points of being beautiful.

Each woman dreams to be beauty and catch people’s attention. Many people still claim that beauty people obtain better successes in contrast with average men and women. That text will show what are the greatest and the weakest points of being pretty.


Autor: Lies Thru a Lens
The positive sides are:

a) Some individuals say that cute individuals get better marks at class and better job offer – although everyone think that if you do not try hard, you will not achieve success, occasionally the sentence becomes antique. In many jobs, your qualifications and experience are more significant than your appearance. Still, in some jobs beautiful individuals are required, for example models.

b) They are more self-confident – it is undoubted true, because they know that they are charming so they realize that they are worth fighting and their self-confidence goes up.

c) They are not shy and most of them are not bullied at school – moreover, they are often perpetrators because many individuals follow them and consider them as a specialist.

d) They own more friends and make friends easier – everyone likes pretty and good-looking people – they are sometimes people’s image of perfect individual.

Nevertheless, the dark sides of being beautiful are:
a) Many people, particularly men want to go out with the beautiful woman. If the woman does not mind the date, it is ok. Otherwise, it can arouse problems, like stalking – it is one of the most significant dark side. Nonetheless, it does not happen frequently and furthermore, stalking become illegal in many countries, so many people has stopped the activity.

b) The females who possess unusual elegance are usually attacked, not just by guys but also by jealous of the beauty women – there is nothing worse than envious women who hates the beautiful lady’s occupation, visual appeal, interest, husband and children.

However, becoming a beautiful person is not an offence. The people likes those many people and wants to see them in open places like government. They are best to represent the country and make positive impressions in global field.