Respect your valuable health or share it with other. Your blood can save someone’s life.

actually we hear so much about blood donation. It is yet needed at hospital in large quantities. More and more persons decide help noxious person which is amazing gesture among society. Blood donation is named respectable or else it is free and free act.

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Giving regular blood, donor is tasted in each matter by doctor, who, if there are valid abnormalities may refer to the appriopriate health (see center in order to be treated. How we see, in this case we can save our health. It is likely recognize for example hypertension. people, who gain “honorary blood donors” (wemen, who have given fully 5 litres blood and men, who have given not less 6 litres blood) entitled toll-free medicament which donor can use in matter giving blood. Honorary blood donors in some towns may be entitled discounts for public transport or right to honourary rides. Blood donor can be healthfull person, between 18-65 years old, who weigh fully 50 kilograms. The most frequent asked question is: what we need to do to donate blood? The morning you have to eat light food, you must not smoked and drink alcohol.

Later you go to donation point with your document, fill inquiry and wait for blood test. If you will be qualified, you can donate blood, what lasts about 7 minutes. It is not parlous to the health of an mean adult. nowadays, when you be held blood donation, you get sick leave so as relax in case wrong muse. After blood donation everybody get few sweets or something sweets. It is argument for lovers sweets, do not you think? frequently at the university there are performance related to blood donation. This performance make a spreading this unsolicited act among young people and getting rid of anxiety. If you decide to blood denation, you will see how astonishing atmosphere is in the centere of blood point.

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People smile, banter…you will not be scared for sure. You do not be afraid of side effect because everything is done under sterile conditions. In the world, in the Poland is a great demand for blood. workaday are many accidents and blood transfusion surgery then your blood is truly needed. Finally, perhaps the most valid thing- the great personal satisfaction from make a good deed and to provide assistance for needy. After all, not everyone has bargain to save life everyday!