20-first century in reading room

Twenty-first century is a moment of advance innovation which surrounds each individual no matter where the person reside. Today, that text will concentrate on making a use of technology in the library. Here will be offered technical solutions which are chosen in the libraries to assist the readers find the publications quicker and check the accessibility of the existing book.


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Various libraries in the United States of America plus in the United Kingdom seek the new employees who will assist them to arrange the books and introduce some publications to the pc tools.

What are the main duties of the individual who will work in the library in the technical Services department?• Buying new items for the library – the library which would like to have constantly new users need make whatever in their power to obtain the interesting contents. (Klik) The one who wants to apply for the duty must know the desires of the users and be also a reader of the books to know the character of the reader better and buy only the materials which will be required for the clients of the library.• List of the obtained data – if the materials are obtained, it is time to list them. It must be completed very precisely to be easy find by the library consumers. The task should be done in the library computers as well as in the online catalogue.


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• Conservation of the library supplies – it is another crucial task for the new staff. In the library here are plenty of old books which need to be preserved. Many of them want to have new additional cover.
• Store the products – here are progressively components which require to be kept on the internet. Generally there are plenty users who use the items just online so the digitalization is necessary in most of cases.

The task in the library is rather quiet. It does not demand plenty of time and devotion. What is more, there are not numerous annoying buyers and the person will not need work long hours. It is an offer for the individual who is very timid, enjoy to work individually and enjoy reading literature. http://www.zst.waw.pl/en/